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What is creatinine?

  • Creatinine is a waste product of the body that comes from the breakdown of muscle creatine. It is eliminated in the urine by filtration in the kidneys. When the kidneys' ability to eliminate waste decreases, the amount of creatinine increases in the blood. Its dosage in the blood, therefore, depends on kidney function but also on muscle mass.
  • For the screening, diagnosis or monitoring of kidney disease, a blood creatinine test is essential. To overcome variations related to muscle mass, a clearance calculation is then made from the result of the determination of creatinine, sex, age, ethnicity, and weight of the patient. A clearance result of less than 60 mL/min is a sign of renal impairment.
  • Creatinine testing and clearance calculation are essential for screening for kidney disease, which most often progresses silently to an advanced stage.

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