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Grand Opening of AIM LIFECARE


Lancet Laboratories Rwanda, a leading provider of diagnostic services in Rwanda, has partnered with AIM LifeCare - Multi-Speciality Clinic located in Kigali's upscale Gacuriro district. The lab and clinic aim to offer the public, comprehensive laboratory services, leveraging Lancet Laboratories Rwanda's commitment to accuracy and quality diagnostics.

Since its inception in 2015, Lancet Laboratories Rwanda has prioritized affordable and reliable diagnostics, working closely with healthcare providers and institutions across Rwanda. The partnership with AIM LifeCare extends its reach and enhances its Kigali capabilities, catering to routine and specialized testing needs.

AIM LifeCare - Multi-Speciality Clinic, founded by Mr. Ali M. R. Manji and Dr. (Mrs.) Iram Ali Manji complements this initiative with its focus on medical excellence and customer care. Situated strategically in Gacuriro, the clinic serves residential and business communities, including nearby developments like Vision City and Vision 2020.

Lancet Laboratories Rwanda and LifeCare - Multi-Speciality Clinic strives to provide superior healthcare solutions to the community, consistent with Rwanda's health sector development goals.

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