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Kidney Health


Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable! In the spirit of this year’s theme let’s explain a short summary of what we need to know about the kidney.

  • It is the organ in the body that helps us excrete waste products from our bodies through urination.
  • The kidney has other functions such as aiding in the production of red blood cells, produces active form of vitamin D, produces hormones that regulates blood pressure etc.
  • In order to find out if your kidneys are properly functioning a kidney function test is recommended.

What is a Kidney function test?

It is a blood and urine test done to monitor the excretory function of the kidneys. Damaged kidneys can prevent filtering the waste properly, leaving it to remain in the body and causing dangerous symptoms.

Why should we do a Kidney Function test be done?

Regular testing may help identify issues such as Kidney Disease in very early stages, making it possible to halt the progress of the disease.

It also helps to check for complications of diseases affecting the kidney like in diabetes nephropathy.

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