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Lancet Laboratories Rwanda is a leading pathology laboratory service home-grown in Africa providing vital diagnostic, monitoring, and screening testing from routine to specialized and esoteric tests.

Lancet Laboratories Rwanda operates primarily in the private healthcare environment and offers specialist pathology services to doctors and their patients directly or through clinics and hospitals, industrial sectors, corporates, and insurances. We also serve clinical trials and research groups and have engaged with governmental and NGO agencies through public-private- partnerships.

We were awarded “Stared Working” in Rwanda in 2015. We operate in four locations across Rwanda; Head Office (Main Branch ) at Umuyenzi Plaza -Remera Kisiment , Rubavu Branch Elite House, Rusizi Depot within Gihundwe District Hospital, and Musanze Branch MPIRWA Augustin Building.

Lancet Laboratories Rwanda specializes in PCR and Genetic tests for Oncology and Infectious Diseases, Anatomic Pathology (Histopathology/Cytopathology /Immunohistochemistry), Tuberculosis testing, Microbiology, Endocrinology, Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation assays, Haematology, Toxicology and Occupational Health tests.

Lancet Laboratories Rwanda is owned as a traditional medical partnership, where pathologists lead the provision of professional diagnostic pathology services and are charged with the shareholding of the business.

We pride ourselves on quality and excellent services with a focus on ultramodern & innovative approaches driving the “key to diagnostic excellence”.

Pathology laboratory services are our core and only business. We operate ethically, efficiently, and effectively, enabling us to provide these services at highly competitive rates.

We strive to continually improve our services by remaining at the cutting edge of technology. Some of our innovative approaches include electronic report delivery through auto-email, PathPortal and specific apps for both Android and Apple platforms being paperless electronic platforms for our clients.

Lancet Laboratories Rwanda controls a strong market position. We are a household name in the healthcare industry and the preferred partner of many due to the unrivalled service quality we bring to the industry.


Lancet Laboratories Rwanda is an ISO 15189:2020 accredited private pathology practice, that offers laboratory services to private and public institutions in Rwanda.

Lancet Laboratories Rwanda is part of Cerba Lancet Africa, a Joint Venture between Cerba Healthcare and Lancet Group of Laboratories. Cerba Lancet Africa operates a network of 170 sites across, Botswana, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. With its African network of more than 100 ISO-accredited laboratories, employing over 1,700 workers serving more than 4 million patients a year, Cerba Lancet Africa is now the leading force in local clinical pathology and medical diagnosis in Africa. is part of an internationally accredited pathology laboratory, the Cerba Lancet Africa Group.


To be the leading force in local medical diagnostics in Africa, while offering the highest standards of pathology and biomedical services to patients and medical communities across the continent.


To provide Africa with the best medical diagnostic solutions at world-class standards to improve the quality of life of communities.


We strive to treat everyone with kindness and cultivate respect in our relationships with our teams, partners, healthcare professionals, and patients for whom we work every day.


We act with the utmost rigour to improve the quality of our services by investing and developing men and women to obtain the best of each and everyone in the service of all.


We are committed to patients, healthcare professionals, our business and institutional partners to deliver accurate and useful results, ensuring confidentiality to improve everyone’s health.


We keep engaging in new approaches to meet the needs and priorities of our local communities.

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