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Why us?

Our test menu extends beyond 4000 routines to specialised tests. Some of the areas where Lancet Laboratories Rwanda has distinguished itself internationally include:

  • Molecular Biology/PCR: We have the largest molecular testing laboratory network in Africa.
  • Histology and Cytology: We offer quality, fast & accurate microscopic studies of cells using advanced technology.
  • Flow cytometry: We have an automated methodology for typing leukaemia and lymphoma.
  • Haematology: We offer consistent quality results in haematology and advanced coagulation tests as well as bone marrow studies.
  • Microbiology: Our Microbiology Laboratory offers consistent quality results in bacteriology, mycology, and virology.
  • Chemical Pathology: The department is highly automated and provides interpretative reports for all relevant tests to aid doctors and their patients.
  • Toxicology: - Detection and quantification of drugs or recreation, medicinal drug levels, and poisons (toxins).
  • Wellness Check: We offer tests for Wellness programmes for preventive and promotive health.
  • Specimen collection and Result Delivery: Specimen collection and result delivery are done through an excellent transport courier and IT system
  • We offer home collection services from 8:00 to 7:00pm

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